Talk To Your Teen

Talk To Your Teen

One of the hardest parts of life is growing up.  Teenagers are faced with decision-making, responsibility, and choices, everything adults have to face on a daily basis.  Life gets overwhelming at times and we all need someone to depend on.  Who better to depend on for support, then a parent?

I can remember when I was a teenager.  I played sports, had a lot of friends, but I also felt depressed at times, experimented with alcohol, and struggled to keep my grades up.  I had a hard time trusting people; I thought no one understood me.  I often wonder how different my teen years would have been like if I was reached out to more.  What if I was talked to and not at?

Communication is key in any relationship.  Talk to your teen about their day; ask them if they are having any frustrations with school or their friends.  Talk to them about drugs, alcohol and sexScience Articles, because those are issues they are faced with all the time.  Sharing your experiences as a teen with your child opens up a whole new world to them.  They now see you as someone who had to face the same things as they do.  It might make them think you DO understand.  Let them ask questions about how you dealt with certain situations as a teenager.  Nothing should be a forbidden topic.

Being a parent means guiding our children through life the best way we can.  The best way to do that is to communicate with them.  Talk TO your teen today!

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