The Cost of FREE is Not FREE

Everyone on the Internet has something to give you for FREE!
But in truth, the cost is not really FREE.

My ezine goes out to my subscribers for FREE, but I want
them to pay for it by telling others about it, helping me
get new subscribers, placing their ads with me, and
generally helping me develop a business that will support my
husband and myself.

All the FREE affiliate programs that are on the market, some
of which are good and some not so good, do require payment.
You have to market these programs, spending hours sometimes
on the web sending out announcements and ads.

There are probably thousands of FREE ebooks available to
people who want them. FREE? No. You have to download them,
either to your computer or a disk. Some are gifts for buying
other products. They cost something.

FREE articles for content are certainly not FREE. Someone
had to spend time researching, writing, and distributing
those articles.

These items may be FREE to you, but somewhere, someone had
to pay something for them – whether money, time, energy, or
thought – they were paid for by someone!

How much you do really appreciate something FREE? Do you
take care of it as well as something you had to buy? Do you
value that FREE item as much as the item that cost you a
distinct price? Are you willing to share that FREE gift? Do
you show your thanks for that FREE ebook by reading it and
using it? Do you delete that FREE ezine without looking
through all of it?

FREE is great! I personally love anything FREE, but I have
learned that somewhere that FREE item cost someone
something. It could have been me, so I want to appreciate it
and take care of it. If I download a FREE ebook, I read it.
I personally subscribe to a LOT of ezines, but I honestly do
try to read through them all.

We live in the land of the FREEScience Articles, but many have paid a high
price to keep it that way. Enjoy the FREE things you get
every day. Remember to send a short thank you for them if
possible. Enjoy them! Use them! Share them! FREE is FUN!

Limousine Services – Your Teen Will Love This Experience


Limousines are impressive vehicles no matter what age you are. For those who may be attending an eighth grade graduation or for those who are going to that special first dance in high school, having the ability to show off in front of friends is a whole lot of fun. In addition to this, for a parent, it can be the perfect way to show your child just how proud you are of him or her by giving them limousine services for the night. For younger teens, this is the perfect reward to consider.When to Use a LimoRenting limousine services for many events is acceptable today. Prices are lower now than they ever were but most importantly, the features and style of these vehicles has improved. Even more so, you can give your child the ability to feel like the most special of all children at the event. When can you use this type of service? For a teen or a preteen, consider a few of the following times it may work well.Use limousine services for that special dance. No matter if he or she is going with a date or just a group of friends, arriving in style is a great way to really show off. It is also a good way to ensure she feels special.Use these vehicles for a special treat for no real reason. For example, you may just want to pick up your child after a particularly rough week in a limo and allow him or her to get to share his experiences the next day.Use limousine services as a reward, too. If a child within a special fundraiser or in a school does something fantastic or reaches a very special goal, he or she may get to go to lunch in a limo.One of the most common uses of limos for teens is for prom. There are several reasons to do this. First, it is a sure fire way to keep the children safe when driving to and from school. In addition to this, it is also a good way to show a bit of style on this very special and memorable evening.A limousine is a good option for a special birthday, or whenever your child does something that is special. It is the perfect way to show them that their good deeds and hard work really do pay off.Take the time to choose a service that is trustworthy and offers the type of quality you are looking for in a limo. Limousines can be inexpensive to rent, especially if you need them for just a limited amount of time. Limousine services can be a fun treat and a great way to add something special to a day. With fun lights, music and plenty of friends to share the time with, this type of limo service can create a magical memory that does a fantastic job of impressing others. Find out just how surprised they will be when you book this type of transportation to their next event. 

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A new orleans limousine services vehicle can make your event a night to remember. For more information please see:

Video Streaming: Why Use Streaming Video Capture Software


Many people have web cams.  Whether or not they use these web cameras for adult entertainment, there are a number of different types of things that may occur between individuals that they might want to save.  In this instance, streaming video capture software can help an individual to record or save streaming video clips.  Streaming videos are different than files that are downloaded because the files do not stay on the computer.  The videos are constantly being streamed, or sent out, by the provider, but the individual that is viewing the video cannot do so without connecting to the origin site, unless they have streaming video capture software.  The neat thing about streaming video capture software is that there is some that costs money and some that people can find for free.They allow the individual to capture and keep the streaming video that they are viewing.  Without the streaming video capture software, this would not be possible.  One of the most popular markets for individuals that use streaming video capture software would be in the areas of adult entertainment.  Many sites try to entice members to join by sharing videos, but they are streaming videos.  In order to save money in the long run, if not the short run, many people would prefer to purchase the streaming video capture software and copy or duplicate the streaming video than sign up for the adult entertainment website that is offering the streaming video.  Some people will sign up anyway, but many others would just prefer to save the money and instead capture the videos so that they do not have to pay in order to be allowed to download them off of the site.  Since one site only offers so much over all, many people see it as a better investment to spend the money on the streaming video capture software so they can get videos from different websites, instead of just one website that may not actually have all the different types of videos that the individual wants to see.A person can use peer to peer sharing file software in order to find streaming video capture software.  If a person does not want to do this, there are many online stores that offer streaming video capture software.  There are different companies and different standards that have been set on the streaming video capture software options that are out there for the consumers.  The correct streaming video capture software depends on the individual’s personal needs and preferences.  By deciding what is important to the individual, and what they need from the software, a person can more accurately find the right streaming video capture software, which will help them to have made a wise investment.  Finding the right streaming video capture software can help a person a great deal because it will allow the person to get the videos that they want, and it will save them money since they will no longer have to pay money in order to view the videos of their choice.Source: Free Articles from

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Learn Online Casino Gaming With Free Slot Games


If you haven’t done any gaming before or even if you have not done any online gambling,
then free slot games are a good way to learn what it’s all about. Since
you have nothing to lose, this is a completely risk-free way to learn.
The online gaming sites offer free slots and other games to get you
interested in playing at their casinos. Since competition is very
fierce for customers, many if not most of these sites offer various
bonuses, including free money to play their online casino games with!Like
all slot games, free slot games are a matter of chance more so than of
skill. However, you can still increase your odds of winning to some
extent by playing these games on sites which enjoy a good reputation
with gamers. In general, sites which are legitimate operations are more
likely to be known as good sites by other players. Playing online slots
more often is another way to increase your odds of a win, though it’s
important not to spend more playing slots than you can afford to lose.
For some more information about the free money and other bonuses that
online casino sites often provide, read on.Playing these slot
games can be a good education in how virtual slots and other online
games work. It’s actually not very complex, but in order to learn how
these games and these gaming sites operate, you should start by playing
these games for free before you put your own money at risk in online
casino gaming.Best of all, it’s a lot of fun to learn about
playing casino games online by playing for free. You can try different
games and try to refine your strategies while being free of the
pressure and the worry of having your own money on the line. Free slot
games and other bonuses which many of the online casino sites offer
make this easy. After all, there’s a certain thrill which comes from
gambling someone else’s money – and the slots and other games are fun
to play, plain and simple.You are also not tied to any one
online casino. There are no contracts you have to sign and there are a
lot of sites out there which are happy to give you free money to play
their games with. This lets you try out a variety of sites to find the
casinos and the games which you enjoy the most.Once you’ve gotten familiar with the free slot games
which are out there to enjoy, you can share your knowledge with your
friends and family. Since there are plenty of bonuses and free slot
games to go around, no one has to miss out on the online casino gaming

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Inetbet offers the chance to play for money or to play for free (including bettors in the US). Whether you are an experienced casino player or a novice, Inetbet is an online casino that will provide you with all your betting requirements.

20 Keys to Parenting Teen-agers

The following poems that I made into posters are designed to help the fathers and mothers (or guardians) and children communicate in a positive, constructive way. You can use these poems to connect with your teen-ager, and make win-win agreements that can help you be the successful parent you want to be.

“As I Grow Up” is what your teen-ager may want to say to you. “Dear Teen-ager” is what you may want to say to your child. I suggest that you ask your son or daughter to check off what he or she wants to say to you, and you check off what you want to say to your child. Then switch papers, and each of you take turns reading off what the other person wants to say to you. Finally make agreements of what you are both willing to do. This process can greatly improve your parent-child relationship.


Treat me more as a friend and less as a child. That helps me feel like an equal and encourages me to act more mature.

Problem-solve with me appropriate boundaries and guidelines. That will help me know you care and keep my agreements.

Understand that I may need to spend a lot of time with my friends. I learn important social skills with my peers.

Be guided by my level of maturity. Then you can clearly see who I am and make the appropriate decisions.

Realize that times have changed. Then you’ll base your opinions on the present and not the past.

Forgive me when I make mistakes. That will help me learn how to forgive myself and others.

Teach me how to be responsible with money. Then I can learn how to be financially independent.

Accept that my values may be different than yours. That will help me feel okay and respect our differences.

Encourage me to keep my room safe but allow me my private space. Then I can learn how to honor your space and privacy.

Remember that I always need your love and support. That helps me love myself, feel secure, and make the right decisions.

Thank you for preparing me for life. I love you!DEAR TEEN-AGERPlease . . .

Be patient with me. I am human and sometimes I make mistakes.

Tell me where you are going and when you will return. Then I’ll know that you’re safe.

Keep your agreements and be responsible. Then I’ll be open to allowing you more freedom.

Compliment and appreciate me. That will help me know you realize and value all that I do.

Know that I care about your health and safety and that I am legally responsible for you until you are 18 years old. Then you’ll understand why I may sometimes insist you do things a certain way.

Accept me the way I am. I may be different from you or other adults, and I’m okay.

Understand that I may also be going through changes. Sometimes I may need you to be there for me.

Pay attention to me and spend time with me. That will help me feel as important to you as you are to me.

Know that you are okay no matter how I feel and what I do. I’m responsible for all of my feelings and actions.

Be positive and realize that you are responsible for your decisions. That will help you make wise choices and be happyArticle Search, healthy and successful.

Thank you for hearing me. I love you!

How to Get Loads of Free Stuff

There’s nothing that’ll make your day
more than getting something for free. These
days there’s a large variety of ways to get
free stuff. Freebies can range from free
e-mail addresses to free t-shirts to free
food. If you’re having the freebie blues,
here’s a list of ways to find your freebie-

I’m always anxious to get the Sunday
morning newspaper so I can look through
the Sunday coupons. Occasionally you will
find a coupon that’s good for a free item –
no strings attached. Usually, it’s buy one,
get one free. In addition, I like to look out for
those $1 or $2 off coupons. If it’s
double riple coupon week at your local
grocery store, those coupons get you so much
money off that the item ends up being free.

Rebates these days are actually more
common on the internet.
used to be the most popular rebate site,
but it recently went out of business. There
are other 100% rebates out there! Just go
to a search engine and type in “100% rebate”.
All you have to do is buy the item, then
send in the rebate. You’ll get your money

**Wondering how the company can afford
to do this? They over-price the item. Then
they wait for some lazy bums to forget to
send in the rebate. Cha-ching! They’ve just
made a lot of money because someone forgot
to ask for their money back. But the pricing
shouldn’t matter, just as long as YOU send in
YOUR rebate!

Most (if not all) grocery stores have
free food samples on display. The store I go
to always has cupcakes out for free. Yummy!
So when you’re cruising down the aisles, look
out for those free apple juice or cookie

Also, some stores have a policy that I
love: “If the item rings up at the wrong price,
you get that item for FREE!” I always check
the prices as the cashier is scanning my items.
Nothing’s better than a free bag of M&M’s (or
any other item)!

Anywhere you go on the internet, you’re
bound to find a free service. There are
millions of free e-mail addresses out there
waiting for you to sign up.
Here are the most popular ones:

In addition, you can get tons of cool
information, recipes, tips, and so forth
sent to your e-mail box for free!
Here are some newsletters I would recommend:
*Daily News, Weather.. –
*Humor, Beauty Tips.. –
*Cool Websites.. –

PRODUCT SAMPLES (the real freebies!)
This category is my favorite. Several
companies like to offer free product samples
to get you interested in what they’re selling.
This means they’ll send you something 100% free!
No shipping/handling charges, no work required!
They can do this because they get advertisers
to pay them, and the company also hopes you will
comeback and buy their product. There are sites
on the internet that list freebie offers.
These are my picks:
*The Panda Pages –
*Daily Freebies –
*Totally Freebies –

The key is to always keep your eyes open!
The list could go on and onScience Articles, but I thought I’d
give you the gist. Enjoy your freebie hunt!

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

If you go to a McDonalds, for example, you can get a bit of free Wi-Fi with the purchase of a meal, if you go to Panera Bread or Port City Java, although not explicitly stated, it’s implied that you’re expected, as you should be, to buy something for the privilege of taking up table space while surfing the ‘net.

Along with businesses several Municipal and International Airport Authorities, as well as a growing number of airline club lounges, are providing free Wi-Fi in an effort to sway travellers, who may have a choice between several carriers or nearby airports, to choose them. Similarly, more and more hotels are offering free Wi-Fi for their guests so, while the Wi-Fi hotspot may be advertised as free, it’s cost is rolled into the room rate or expensed to advertising.

There are a few venues in which, although funding may come through taxation of some sort, no direct user cost is associated. An increasing number of public libraries, for example, are offering free Wi-Fi and, amid increasing controversy, several towns and cities have either set up free Wi-Fi Hotzones or they’re exploring the possibilities.

Finding these free Wi-Fi hotspots is not that difficult. sponsors the Wi-Fi-FreeSpot Directory and some Wi-Fi aggregators, like GoRemote, are beginning to include the listings of free hotspots in their directories.

When you’re accessing a free wifi hotspot there are a few things you should keep in mind:

So, while free may not be entirely free, it’s definitely reasonable. With a bit of planning you should be able to save yourself a few dollars a month while enjoying the ambiance of your favorite free Wi-Fi hotspot.

How to find “free tools”, “free ebooks” and “free resources” from internet at ease

“Free ebooks”, “free reports”, and “free manuals” are the terms which almost every newbie needs to start with the internet domain. Most of them don’t know that there are thousands web pages which contain exactly what they are looking for.

… but they can’t reach them until they know how to sift free tools, free ebooks, and free resources out of billions of web pages.

Google has all the ability to help you find exactly what you want. However, it’s completely blowing your money and time if you can’t instruct Google to fetch the right free tools and free resources out of its heart.

Here I am not going to talk about science of search engine. But you will discover a few very simple principles which can not only save your time and money but also bring the right free ebooks, free tools and free resources. You may have different interests such as honest home based businesses or reliable small business opportunities but it will not fail if you don’t know how big players like Google and Altavista behave.

It is not over emphasized to say that if you know how to search Google you shall find exactly within seconds what you are looking for. As a bonus you shall not roll from one corner to another like a stone.

Searching for free ebooks with resale rights?

Unless you don’t know what keyword you need to use for a particular piece of information, you can’t land at the right page during your search of the search engines enlisted page. The best way select a right keyword is to imagine what ‘exact’ phrase the author/webmaster might have used to describe your required information.

Let’s search for free ebooks with resale rights…

Start searching with this keyword: free ebooks with resale rights

You will get thousands of enlisted pages containing words free, ebooks, and resale rights in different combinations. If you are lucky you will find your required product at the top, if not than you may conclude there is no such thing that you are looking for.

It is not true!

Try again by narrowing the search: “free ebooks with resale rights”.
(With double quotes please…)

You may get a few results or find no web page at all. The sole reason is that you have extremely restricted your search this keyword. You are instructing Google that it should fetch only pages which contain exact phrase “free ebooks with resale rights”. If no webpage contains this exact phrase, your search shall be a failure.

But failure is no option with Search Engines. Recall my words that you should put yourself in the webmasters’ shoes to find out what he might have written at website to describe your required product. Right now I can think of “free ebooks” and “resale rights”

Why not search with two keywords instead of one such as “free ebooks” and “resale rights”.
(Both with double quotes please…)

Use this syntax: “free ebooks” “resale rights”

Now you may get plenty of pages containing free ebooks with resale rights.

You should brainstorm exact phrase that not only describe your need but also of the webmaster. It is the first principle to find out the best results from search engines within any given span of time.

Finding True Money Making Ideas with and without quotes

Every search engine visitor finds different results when he searches a phrase with double quotes and without them. When you are looking for true money making ideas, your unquoted search shall find thousands of the pages listed. However, most of them shall be irrelevant. In fact you have instructed the search engine to bring all the pages which contain true money making ideas in any combination.

So it’s the best practice always to quote your keyword with quotes such as “true money making ideas” before clicking Google to bring the information for you. It shall not only save your time but also resources of the search engines to search for useless keywords.

The search of “true money making ideas” as a phrase is just an example. Otherwise you may be interested in any specific idea of money making. You may be looking for money making ideas from stocksFree Articles, money making opportunities from home or making money on computer etc.

Yes you need to decide what kind of money making ideas to get the exact result within seconds…

Using Operators to Search for the Best Traffic Tools
Now suppose you are looking for method to bring a lot of the best quality traffic to your website.

What will you search for this phrase?

There is every possibility that you may find hundreds of such sites which claim to bring highly targeted traffic for some charges. But if you are looking for the both paid and free options then you should use a few operators such as OR and “-“.

Let’s search for: “free traffic tools” OR “the best traffic tools” OR “free traffic system”
(Please capitalize the operator OR)

This search shall bring all web pages which shall contain any of the three phrases in double quotes. This shall save you for one search instead of three related ones. Searching without OR operator shall fetch the pages containing all the three phrases within double quotes.

How to deny a search phrase?

You can also use “-” operator to deny for the pages which contain a phrase which you are not looking for but which is very relevant.

Suppose while surfing you find a very good product contained in a package but you don’t need all the products included in that package. Moreover the price of that package is too high to afford.

What will you do in such case? You can search for that single product to see if it is available stand alone.

Searching for only “product name” will again give you the pages selling that package.

You can solve this problem by using a simple trick. You need the page which contain that product ‘s name but that page shouldn’t contain the package’s name. In google language you can use this syntax to fetch the pages exactly as you want:

“product name” -“package name”

Searching within a website:

Sometime you find a very good website with a lot of information but you don’t find searching facility to find out a specific information about some topic. Google comes to help you in such cases with the latest edited information.

Suppose you are looking for money making opportunities at home within a website which registers internet scams. You can use this syntax:

You can also use Google for searching in a specific website only. Suppose you want to search for “money making ideas” in the website then you can use this syntax:

“money making opportunities at home”

Points to recall making a search

You have just finished reading some basic but very powerful ways for searching the search engines. Here I summarize the whole information for quick reference”

* Always brainstorm your phrases before starting a useful search.

* Always use specific keywords.

* Always enclose phrase with double quotes when restricting your searches.

* Use OR and “-” operators to diversify your search.

* Use site operator in order to search within one website only.

Breast Reduction Surgery: For The Constantly Teased Teen


Breast reduction surgery can get your chest down to a reasonable size so you can get on with your life. Overlarge breasts cause a number of problems for teenage girls. They can cause back and breathing problems. They can also cause bra straps to hurt. Worst of all, they add more embarrassment to a time in a teen’s life that’s already socially awkward. The last thing you need is unwanted attention!The Ins And Outs This process is considered by medical professionals to be one of the easiest operations. They’ll give you anesthesia so you won’t feel a thing, and the operation only takes one to two hours. It’s an outpatient procedure, meaning you’ll be finished in one afternoon and you won’t have to stay in a hospital.The surgeon makes a small incision around the bottom of the areola. This is the red part of your nipple. They’ll make the cut going down the curve of the breast. This is the most natural way to make the incision, and it’ll leave the least visible scarring.Once the incision is made, they’ll remove tissue, fat and glands from the breast area. Once they get it down to the right size and shape, they’ll resituate the nipple so that it looks natural. They may do some additional contouring and shaping of the skin to make it look as natural as possible.Recovery Is A Piece Of CakeIt is an easy procedure, and recovery is also easy – as long as you follow doctor’s orders! It’s not so complicated, but you’ll need to make sure you recover right, and always call the surgeon if something doesn’t look or feel right.For the first day or two, you’ll have to wear a surgical bra with gauze over it. This is because there might be some draining. After that comes off, you may still have to wear a special bra as directed by your doctor.You can expect some bruising and swelling in the first few weeks – this is normal. You should apply moisturizers given to you by your doctor to keep the scars from drying out. Keep the scars moist, and they’ll heal right.Don’t do any strenuous activity for awhile. Stay home from school for as long as the doctor advises. In most cases, you’ll be back into your regular routine in a week. The Key To SuccessHow do you make your breast reduction surgery a success? Talk to your doctor before the operation so you’ll know to expect. Have a realistic idea of the results, and your breast reduction surgery will be a success. Say goodbye to the extra chest!
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With breast reduction surgery get rid of the baggy and huge front and give yourself those shapely breasts that are in sync with your body contour. Go feel wonderful with the new look. To know more, visit