Dating Tips For Guys: Effective Ways To Succeed With Hot Girls

Have you ever measured your success rates between the most attractive girls and the ones that you just kind of liked to? If you compare these rates, you may find out that your success rate with the most attractive ones are lower compared to the ones slightly below their level.

What we think then is that these hot girls are more selective than the average ones. That makes sense if you think about it. But this sounds more like an excuse for us. Because these girls aren’t as choosy as what we’ve thought them to be. It is actually our own behavior that changes when it comes to these hot girls because of what we think they are. This may sound cliche but it is actually true. We just sometimes feel intimidated because of their appearance and maybe status in the society especially when they’re really popular.

So how do we deal with it? Here’s one specific way:

Every time you put a hot girl’s number on your phone, how do you store their names? We usually put something like, “Sexy Monique,” or “Scarlet Hot!” This kind of classification can affect our behavior in a subtle but negative way. For example, when you make a call to “Sexy Monique” you will feel more adrenaline than when you simply call “Monique.”

So here’s a dating advice from the pickup artist, Julian Foxx, its what he calls, “Reverse Classification.”

Whenever you get a hot girl’s phone number, look at her closely, and imagine what her juvenile class mates used to call her. If she’s got nice fake breast, may she was flat as board and they probably called her “wall chest” or something. If she’s tall and blonde, perhaps they called her “Monique Big Bird.”

Now that you get the idea, next step is to store her name in your phone in that way (Scarlet Wall Chest, Monique Big Bird, etc.).

It will not only reduce any anxiety you feel whenever you call her, but it will also lessen your anxiety towards her when you’re together. This can also help you gain more self-confidence and feel less intimidated around her.

Remember, these attractive girls are not really selectiveArticle Submission, its us who think that way and that’s what keeping our success rates with them low. The “Reverse Classification” is just one way to overcome this. More dating tips soon.

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