Education Begins at Home…Talking to Your Teen About Today’s Dangers

Remember your teenage years? Many parents reminise about make out parties or drinking their first beers behind the high school, almost as though these things are a rite of passage among the 12-18 year olds.

But teens today are growing up much faster and experiencing adult things much earlier in their lives, even earlier than you might have. Consider these shocking statistics:

· 47% of high school students have experienced sexual intercourse
· 75% of high school students have consumed significant amounts of alcohol
· 50% of students have tried illegal drugs by the end of high school
· 50% of new HIV infections occur in teens

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These dangerous activities should not be considered rites of passage because they each carry their own sets of dangers. In addition to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancies parents must now worry about cyberbullying, sexting, powerful new illegal drugs, and predators stalking their unsuspecting victims online through the internet and social media sites.

Here are some tips to preventing your teen from becoming another statistic:

1. Talk honestly with your teen. Yes, kids hear stuff on the bus and from their other friends but who knows if the stories they hear are accurate.  Ask your teen about what they’ve heard about these subjects and if they are aware of the very serious consequences. You will likely hear the question, “Did you do this at my age?” which makes parents falter. If your answer is, “Yes,” then answer honestly without glamorizing the behavior. Better to be honest and admit your mistakes than to be called a hypocrite when your teen discovers the truth.

2. Explain the consequences of these actions.  Don’t sugar coat any of these dangers. Yes, you can die if you drink and drive or overdose on illegal drugs. HIV is not curable and will affect your future relationships. You might not go to college or achieve your dreams if you become a teen parent. Teens have a very difficult time understanding consequences and television and movies tend to glamorize alcohol and drug use. Even teen parents in the movies make life seem easy. What teens forget about is the number of teens killed in drunk driving accidents and teen mothers who kill their babies.

3. Stay up to date with your teens’ technology. Cell phones, personal computers and social media networks make it all too easy for your teen to get into trouble. Teens can easily send racy photos of themselves or others to a whole network of classmates without realizing this is considered distribution of child pornography in some states. Cyberbullying becomes anonymous and “harmless” when you text from the comfort of your home but the results to the victim can be devestating. And sexual predators know the teen lingo well enough to fool unsuspecting kids into meeting them for often dangerous rendezvous.

4. Talk about news stories involving teens. Sometimes talking about these topics is difficult because they’re abstract concepts. But suddenly a news story about teen pregnancy or drug overdoses puts a face to the problem and makes the problem much more real. Don’t just lecture to your child; ask how they feel about the story, if they know someone who’s been in that situation, or how they would handle a similar situation.

Today’s teens definitely feel more pressure than their parentsPsychology Articles, both academically and socially. They want to fit in more than ever yet succombing to peer pressure to try these dangerous things can ultimately destroy their lives along with their family’s lives. Keeping the communication open can help your teen stay straight.

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Girls are not the same as boys and when you want to find games for girls, you need to be sure you take that into account. No matter how old your kids may be, you can always spot a lot of differences when it comes to what they enjoy and you can be sure you will make them feel a lot better if you go for the games suited for what they look for.If you want a few examples, you can also think of the way a lot of games are conceived as well. In just about any action game you will find on the market, the hero is a man who is on the look out for a way to save a princess that is a woman. The hero has to overcome a lot of challenges in order to reach the goal he has set out for in the first place.This is the sort of games boy play, but the games for girls are not going to stick to the same thing. They also need a lot of challenges in order to overcome, yet the goals they set out for are not going to be the same. Games that involve cooking or dress up are the ones that you will find among the top picks of any girl and they are the first you can seek.Car games are also among the girls games you will find even if they are suited for boys as well. A race to the finish is a goal that can be suited for any kid, yet the car games for girls you find may be a little different. Speed and tuned up cars are among the things boys enjoy, but the ones for girls are going to have slower, yet prettier cars and scenes.If you are looking for other options when it comes to girls games, there are a lot of things you will be able to go for as well. The ones that require a little bit of attention when it comes to matching two items of the same sort or you can find a few games that put your skills to the test in order to spot a few small differences between two or more photos.There are a lot of other options you will be able to see when it comes to girls games, but if you want to be sure you will have the chance to try all of them, you need to find the source you can rely on. If you want to turn to the web in order to find what you seek, one of the first sites you can rely on is This is where you will find all the entertainment options you are looking for and you can be sure you will find the best games suited for girls or women.
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Shirtless Teen Idols


The sight of Zac Efron fully clothed in the High School Musical franchise is already enough to make a dozen of fan girls swoon with delight. Robert Pattinson doing his magic on screen whether as a Volvo-riding vampire or a broom-toting Quiddith player is readily considered by womanity as an ultimate symbol of male perfection. What more if these teen idols go shirtless on screen?Let’s face it—the greatest way to get a girl’s attention is a man’s rippled abs, beautifully formed biceps and smooth chest especially when these belong to drop dead gorgeous shirtless teen idols. They may look like the innocent and prude boys you can take home to mom, but underneath those shirts hide perfectly sculpted muscles that can rival those of Greek gods statues.Aside from the fact that they can be used to repopulate the world during human extinction because of their amazing genetic structures, these teen idols offer something more than their looks—TALENT. Not only are they ultimate eye candies to women, they can also act, sing, and become truly avante garde. These teen idols are the total package. Take for instance the hottest heartthrob of 2008, Robert Pattinson. He is good looking and all, but it’s this natural acting talent and the drive to make good movies that got him the roles of a lifetime like Cedric Diggory and recently, Edward Cullen. His appeal and acting skills are perfect for mainstream and independent films. This is why he always gets the best of both worlds in terms of movie roles. One time, he is a hunk sweeping Bella off her feet, the next he becomes the prodigious painter, Salvador Dali. Another shirtless teen idols considered more phenomenal than their beautiful bare chest are the Jonas Brothers. Composed of Kevin, Joe and Nick, the trio has been around Hollywood since they were six years old. Through the years, fans have seen them mature into gorgeous young men. Their music and acting projects propelled their career into worldwide superstardom. Because of this, female fans are now fixated on every merchandise that has something Jonas on it. Being a super hunk in Hollywood might not be as dandy as it sounds. At a very young age, these teen idols have already been thrown into the crazy world of popularity and fame. Girls are swarming around them, everybody’s telling them how successful they could get, and then there is the squeaky clean image that they need to maintain. Most often than not, they could only go shirtless on films and photo shoots to uphold the wholesome reputation they project. They may not be able to fully enjoy the joys of being young, hot and loaded because paparazzis hound them wherever they go. When they are on the beach, these shirtless teen idols are photographed and almost everything about them is talked about. This is the price of fame. Source: Free Articles from

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How to Get Girls to Like You in 4 Easy Steps

Learning how to get girls to like you is a challenge which you might face in your life.  In this article, you’ll learn 4 basic steps for making girls like you.

Do you often find it hard to get girls to like you?

Well if so, you’re not alone.

One of life’s major problems is getting a girl to be attracted to you and to like you.  Now if you’re like most men, then you probably don’t know where to start.  The question is how to get girls to like you without make an idiot of yourself?

Fortunately there is an easy solution to this problem.  When I receive an email from my loyal list subscribers asking about getting a girl to like them, the first thing I tell them to do is to build rapport!

So what is rapport?

Well rapport is a physical and emotional connection between two people. Primarily with a girl it’s having an intimate level of chemistry (romantic & sexual feelings).  In modern language, rapport can be described as “hitting it off” with a woman.

So if you really want to learn how to get girls to like you, then you should focus on build rapport with them.  And this can be accomplished in 4 “easy to learn” steps:

Step #1- Be a positive guy around girls

Whenever you’re around girls, you must display a positive attitude and level of emotion.  In order to be well liked, you need to show an exciting personality which stands out from other guys.

By displaying a positive vibe, you’ll find that girls will be magnetically drawn to your personality.  In addition, you’ll become the fun guy that everyone wants to be around.

Step #2- Be an energetic guy

Girls are attracted to energetic guys who are full of life.  So when you’re around them, you have to smile and make them feel comfortable.

In order to maximize this trait, you must get rid of ALL negative feelings or emotions which hinder your chances of building rapport. So ditch the bad moods and sullen disposition.  Instead try to be an exciting guy who girls want to know more about.

Step #3- Be a confident guy

Confidence is a MAJOR trait which all girls love about guys. So when you’re trying to build rapport with a girl, make an effort to display a confident and alpha male personality.

By demonstrating to girls that you’re not afraid to take charge of situation and use some initiative, you’re demonstrating a basic attraction mechanism.  In essence girls are attracted to men who step up to the plate and go for what they want out of life.

Step #4- Be a relaxed guy who doesn’t worry about outcomes

The last step towards building rapport is to never worry about any outcome around a girl.  Your goal around girls is to relax and have fun.  This means you never worry about hooking up or dating a girl.  Instead you simply act like a cool guy who carries himself with a quiet sense of confidence.

By cultivating this personality, girls will come to you.  So you won’t have to work hard to get them to like you.

So if you want to discover how to get girls to like you I recommend that you work hard to develop these 4 fundamental personality traits.  If you incorporate them into your lifeHealth Fitness Articles, you’ll instantly transform yourself into a guy who all girls like.

One easy way to spot a bad teen drug rehab

It’s always heartbreaking to watch a teen who you remember as a still tottering child get caught up in drug abuse and addiction, and although it’s tragic, it’s sadly common; and hundreds of thousands of families face similar challenges in the home.

Drug abuse and addiction very rarely get better without intervention and professional help, and once you decide to intervene and get residential drug or alcohol rehab treatment for your struggling child, you are faced with the difficult decision of where to turn for help.

It’s not only about the money

Rehab can be very expensive and although price is never your number one concern, we all live within our financial realities and you can only afford what you can afford; but once you have determined what your insurance provider will cover and how much you can contribute, you are still likely left with a list of several available and local rehabs from which to choose from.

Most private drug rehabs for teens offer an excellent standard of care, and are staffed by committed and caring professionals. Unfortunately, there are some operators who do not run programs with the best interest of your child in mind, and attempt to maximize profits at the expense of treatment care. You need to ensure that your son or daughter doesn’t waste their time, energy and hope at a substandard rehab.

One easy way to judge the quality of a drug or alcohol rehab

There are a number of ways that you can evaluate the quality of a facility, and factors such as the quality of education, the degree of individual therapy offered, and the level of family participation are all extremely relevant; but a very simple way to get a feel for the quality of a rehab is simply by listening to the questions they do or don’t ask on the phone.

Any treatment center that claims that they can offer treatment assistance to all in need is either hopelessly optimistic, or more likely, more interested in an admissions check that in the quality of care.

There are some teens, with certain special needs who will not benefit from the treatments and therapies at a standard drug rehab facility, and a quality rehab should ask certain pre screening questions to ensure that they are capable of providing quality care to each individual patient.

Teen drug rehabs should want to know about any history of violence or anti social behavior and they should want to know about academic performance or learning disabilities. They will almost certainly want to understand the level of abuse they are going to be confronted with, and they should also want to know about family or other social problems.

These are all normal pre assessment questions that quality rehabs will ask to ensure that they are equipped to provide quality care; and if they don’t ask them, maybe they don’t care.

If they don’t ask, they don’t care

No one treatment facility is right for everyone, and no quality rehab would ever try to provide therapies beneficial to every type of patient; they could never do an adequate job. If a rehab does not want substantial background information, this is a very bad sign and very likely indicates a lower quality rehab, maybe more interested in your money than your child.

It’s not the only way to evaluate a rehab for teensHealth Fitness Articles, but it is an easy and informative way to eliminate treatment facilities that may not have your best interests at heart.

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How to Design Teen Rooms

True, you could go ask them to clean up their rooms. And true, you could shout at them a little if you wanted to, and go and clean the room yourself. However that’s when all hell breaks loose. Teen rooms are sacred places and not to be entered lightly. Woe betides the person who even dares to move one inch of that grungy mess on the carpet. It was there for a reason and you had no right to move it. At least that will the argument of most teens, and you being the patient, caring mother that you are will just roll your eyes and tell them that the whole pizza and day-old shirt thing just don’t go well together and you were just rescuing them from the wrath of the walking pizza slice.

Your teen will in turn roll their eyes and protest loudly, that no it wasn’t about to grow legs and walk off on its own, and if it was then wouldn’t that be a great science project. You keep cleaning and they keep putting things back. End of story, and you’re basically right back at square one.

One way that you could of course deal with this catastrophe though is to redecorate. Teen rooms might be sanctities of peace for them, but even they would like it if you could give their rooms a great makeover. That’s not to say that the room will be any cleaner once you’ve finished and they’ve moved back in, but at least you’ll get to see the inside of the room long enough to tide you over for the next few years. That is unless you’re thinking of redoing their rooms every year.

Now this then is where you come to your next problem. Since teens are notoriously different when it comes to their rooms, you might find that your teen rooms are decorated quite differently to what you expected and what you would have done in the first place. This is where a comprise should be struck, if your teen wants black for his room, then say you want something else that will offset the black.

Be prepared to give a little on your ideas no matter how ridiculous their ideas might seem. After all you’re only a teen once and you will look back and think with fond horror on what bad taste you had. As a parent it’s your duty to give them these moments in their lives upon which they can look back on with due horrorArticle Search, and ban their kids from doing the same to their own teen rooms.

Skype Alternative and Webcam Chat For Your Needs


For a long time, Skype has remained the unquestioned leader in video chat and internet VoIP platform with a suite of services and great user response. However, you can now have Skype alternative applications that will give you more personalized user setting options and better responses at certain scenarios. The first question you might ask yourself is: why would I need an alternative to Skype at all? It has been a stable service since 2002, has great payment records via PayPal and is accepted to be the VoIP platform of choice across the world. However, along with the success, problems like frequent dropped calls and instability under low bandwidth has also risen to greater extents, requiring a search for other better options, especially in 2010.People do not use Skype just to make calls but for video chats with their family, friends and colleagues. Chatroulette puts a new spin on things by allowing you to webcam chat with a complete stranger. Just like Skype, you can find lots of Chatroulette alternative options that has enhanced on the main features for a better user experience. These new applications might not be as stable or in demand as the original platforms but they have picked up on the innovation and modified it for a better end result. As a user, you should certainly try out the alternate options to see if they suit your style.Google has its famous GTalk service that operates similar to Skype. The same can be said for the Yahoo IM that has its own user base. However, lots of other applications enable the features of multi way video conferencing for business purposes or simple chat sessions for your personal needs. The quality of the call or chat is kept high so you can make video calls without any interruptions in the middle. The same can be said for Chatroulette that has lots of new clones providing unique experiences of their own.There is so much to look forward to these new applications and platforms in terms of innovation, stability and the end user satisfaction. New Chatroulette alternatives such as “FaceFlow” allow you to stay in touch with new people you meet, directly within the application, so you can video call them at a later time. Many platforms integrate video options online while others provide a more attractive interface so that you can work on them in your own preferential manner without any hassles.Lots of new portals are still emerging that offer webcam and chat solutions for users to develop their own social network. They have the right idea and framework in place so you can just sign up and be a part of the experience. You can expect greater quality, dedicated speeds and an active new community willing to try out their features.  The online social platform is all about knowing other individuals and building new bonds to convert strangers into friends. The new list of Skype alternative applications and Chatroulette clone services might just be the next step in video and voice chat for your requirements, but only the best will succeed.Source: Free Articles from

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